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TRA5309    Revo 3.3 4WD Nitro Monster 2.4GHz RTR
| Video |
This is the glow powered, radio controlled, 1/10 scale
2.4GHz Traxxas Revo 3.3 Off-Road Ready-To-Run Monster Truck.
New features different from the #5308 Revo include;
Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
Two Digital High-Torque Ball Bearing Servos
Five Cell Flat Receiver Pack
OptiDrive Reversing Transmission
Receiver and EZ-Start Batteries with Chargers
Geode Chrome Wheels
6.3" Maxx Tires
New Wide-Track Body with Custom Graphics
FEATURES: Chassis: 6061-T6 aluminum 1/8" (3mm) thick 3D semi-monocoque, 1.2"
(30mm) longer than Revo 2.5 chassis with chassis to engine brace to
handle higher power of TRX 3.3 engine, integrated roll hoop and
carry handle
Drive: Four wheel drive
Drive Type: Shaft driven, shafts are .71" (18mm) diameter with
rubber shielded half shafts and rubber shielded stub axle bearings
Engine: Traxxas .20 cu in (3.3cc) racing engine with slide valve
carburetor, EZ Start, and two high flow dual stage air filters
EZ Start Battery: 1500mAh 6-cell with charger
Exhaust: Polished resonator dual chamber aluminum tuned pipe
Fuel Tank: Low profile 5.1oz (150cc) with flip top cap
Radio: Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz 3-ch radio system with two #2075 digital
high-torque ball bearing servos, 1200mAh 5-cell receiver battery
and charger
Clutch: Two shoe composite construction
Transmission: Traxxas OptiDrive electronic transmission control for
safe, smooth gear engagement-forward and reverse
Ball Bearings: Full set included, rubber sealed bearings used in all
exposed locations
Shocks: 4 GTR inboard mounted, maintenance free, silicone oil-filled,
hard anodized Teflon coated bodies with TiN shafts
Main Gear: 38 tooth, plastic construction
Gearbox: Sealed front and rear
Differentials: Maintenance free, sealed with silicone X-rings and
gaskets, limited slip action can be tuned using different viscosity
Brakes: Alloy calipers, giant 1.6" (40mm) diameter drilled and vented
steel rotor and semi-metallic friction material
Tires: 6.3" (160mm) outer diameter Maxx with foam inserts, 3.3"
(84mm) wide, 3.8" (96mm) inner diameter
Wheels: 6-spoke chrome, Geode 3.8" (96.5mm) diameter, 2.7" (70mm)
wide, 17mm hub size
Tires and wheels are compatible with the Maxx series
Body: Prographix wide-track, trimmed, decaled and painted
Bumpers: Front and rear, plastic construction
Suspension: Variable progressive two rocker design, suspension travel
not limited to length of shocks
Ride height, suspension travel, and progressive rate can be
adjusted totally independent of each other
Rubber sealed pivot balls can be adjusted with included tool
without removing seals, steel pivot ball retaining rings
Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
Steering: Ball bearing enhanced with high-torque servo driving a
heavy-duty servo saver
Warranty: 30 day limited warranty on electronic components through
Chassis and engine are warranted free from defects at the date of
purchase before use. No warranties are expressed or implied that
cover damage caused by normal use or wear, or cover or imply
how long any chassis or engine part will last before requiring
replacement due to wear.
INCLUDES: Traxxas Revo 3.3 2.4Ghz truck w/oil-filled shocks, 3.3 engine, EZ-
Start, painted body, tires, wheels, foam inserts, 2.4GHz radio with
two digital high torque ball bearing servos, RX & EZ-Start
batteries, chargers, fuel bottle, extra glow plug & air filter
tool set, illustrated manual, decals, air filter, engine setup DVD,
long travel rocker and spring set
REQUIRES: Fuel: Traxxas 10%-20% Top Fuel
Radio Batteries: 12 AA batteries
Building and Track Equipment: Screwdrivers, hobby knife
SPECS:      Vehicle-
Length:               20.315" (516mm)
Width:                16.125" (414mm)
Height:               10.375" (264mm) overall
Weight:                9.4lbs (4264g) no fuel
Wheelbase:            13.7"   (348mm) wheels on-center front-to-rear
Front and Rear Track: 16.125" (409mm)
Center Ground Clearance: 4"   (101mm)
Gear Ratio 1st Gear: 23.85:1
Gear Ratio 2nd Gear: 15.22:1
Tires- Front and Rear: 5.75" x 3.5" (146 x 89mm)
Length: 19.4" (494mm)
Width:   7.1" (180mm) in front of rear wheels (widest point)
6.2" (159mm) behind from wheels (thinnest point)
Height:  5.1" (129mm)
COMMENTS  The Revo 3.3 2.4GHz is available in the following colors and radio
Blue  TRAD08BB                 Red    TRAD08RR
Green TRAD08GG                 Silver TRAD08SS
All original bearings used in the Revo 3.3 2.4GHz are rubber
The following list includes the rubber shielded bearings and the
non-shielded DuraTrax brand as an economical alternative.
For Replacement Ball Bearings use:  DuraTrax         Traxxas
Qty.   Size        Location     Qty Bearing Set   Qty Bearing Set
2    12x18mm   Front Wheels    (1) DTXC1597      (1) TRAC5120
2     6x12mm   Front Wheels    (1) DTXC1569      (1) TRAC5117
2    12x18mm   Rear Wheels     (1) DTXC1597      (1) TRAC5120
2     6x12mm   Rear Wheels     (1) DTXC1569      (1) TRAC5117
4     5x11mm   Front Bulkhead  (2) DTXC1547      (2) TRAC5115
4     5x11mm   Rear Bulkhead   (2) DTXC1547      (2) TRAC5115
2     5x11mm   Rocker Arm      (1) DTXC1547      (1) TRAC5115
1    10x15mm   Rear Diff       (1) DTXC1595      (1) TRAC5119
2     6x12mm   Rear Diff       (1) DTXC1569      (1) TRAC5117
1     8x16mm   Rear Diff       (1) DTXC1585      (1) TRAC5118
2     5x11mm   Front Gearbox   (1) DTXC1547      (1) TRAC5115
2     5x11mm   Rear Gearbox    (1) DTXC1547      (1) TRAC5115
2     5x11mm   Primary Shaft   (1) DTXC1547      (1) TRAC5115
1    10x15mm   Primary Shaft   (1) DTXC1595      (1) TRAC5119
1     6x12mm   Primary Shaft   (1) DTXC1569      (1) TRAC5117
1     5x11mm   Spur Gear/Pressure Plate (1) DTXC1547 (1) TRAC5115
2     6x12mm   Output Shaft    (1) DTXC1569      (1) TRAC5117
2     5x11mm   Clutch Bell     (1) DTXC1547      (1) TRAC4611
This is the RTR 2.4GHz Radio Controlled Traxxas Revo 3.3 Monster Truck.
FEATURES: TQ 2.4GHz 3-ch radio, EZ-Start with battery & charger, Geode chrome
wheels, OptiDrive forward & reverse transmission, teflon coated GTR shocks
5-cell RX pack, 6.3" Maxx tires new wide track body w/custom graphics
REQUIRES: 10%-20% Traxxas Top Fuel, 8 AA batteries,

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