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TRA5807L    Slash VXL RTR  2WD w/4200mAh 2S LiPo & Charger
| Video |
 This is the brushless electric powered, 2.4GHz radio controlled, ready to run 
         2WD 1/10 scale Traxxas Slash VXL Short Course Racing Truck.           
FEATURES: Chassis: Nylon composite construction, modified tub design           
          Drive: Two wheel                                                     
          Radio: Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz high output with Traxxas Link automatic    
            model recognition, telemetry enabled 5-ch micro receiver with dual 
            channel 1 inputs, see COMMENTS below...                            
          Electronic Speed Control: Traxxas Velineon VXL 3S with reverse and   
            sport, race and training modes                                     
          Motor: Traxxas Velineon 3500 with ultra high temperature Neodymium   
            magnets and high speed ball bearings                               
          Spur Gear: 54 tooth, 0.8 module 32 pitch                             
          Pinion Gear: 13 tooth                                                
          Battery Hold Down: Adjustable to accomodate 6-cell stick, side-by-   
            side, and 7-cell stick, side-by-side and hump style battery packs  
          Battery: Traxxas Power Cell 4200mAh 7.4V with High-Current connector 
          Battery Charger: AC powered balancing charger                        
          Battery Charger: 110V wall type                                      
          Body: Painted and trimmed short course truck style                   
          Bumpers: Front and rear, composite construction                      
          Shocks: Traxxas Ultra oil filled with high-volume body, silicone     
            bladders, dual X-ring seals and progrssive springs                 
          Suspension: C-hub design                                             
          Transmission: Ball bearing equipped with adjustable Torque-Control   
            slipper clutch with semi-metallic pads and finned aluminum alloy   
            pressure plates                                                    
          Differentials: Revo-spec sealed silicone filled planetary gear type  
          Ball Bearings: Rubber sealed                                         
          Caster: Adjustable caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front    
            suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the 
          Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the    
            tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle       
          Tires: Mud-Terrain, with foam inserts 1" (26mm) wide, 2.6" (67mm)    
          Wheels: Beadlock style split spoke 12mm hex with chrome center and   
            color molded outer rim to simulate beadlock, rim color will vary   
            between body color schemes, see COMMENTS                           
          Steering: Dual bellcrank pivoting on rubber sealed bearings          
            with integrated cam-type servo saver, waterproof digital high-     
            torque (125 oz-in) servo                                           
INCLUDES: Traxxas Slash VXL 2WD Short Course Race Truck w/TQi 2.4GHz radio     
            system, brushless ESC and motor, body, 4200mAh LiPo battery, AC    
            powered balancing charger, decals and illustrated instruction      
REQUIRES: AA Cells: Four for transmitter                                       
SPECS:      Vehicle-                                                           
          Length:          22.36" (568mm)                                      
          Width:           11.65" (296mm)                                      
          Height:           8.15" (207mm)                                      
          Wheelbase:       13.2"  (335mm)                                      
          Front and Rear Track: 11.65" (296mm) distance between outer edges of 
            wheels side-to-side                                                
          Gear Ratio: 2.72 (final drive: 10.2)                                 
          Ground Clearance: 3.5" (89mm)                                        
          Weight: 5.64lbs (2.56kg)                                             
          Length: 21.25" (540mm)                                               
          Width:  11.5"  (292mm)                                               
          Height:  5.5" (140mm)                                                
COMMENTS: #6510 Docking Base TRAL6510 (not included) enables model             
            to be tuned from an iPhone or iPod Touch (Traxxas Link App must be 
            downloaded if wanting to use an iPhone or iPod Touch)              
          The 2WD Traxxas Slash VXL is available in the following body color   
          TRAD57LR  Black/Red #47 Mike Jenkins with red wheel rims             
          TRAD57LS  Black/Silver #10 4WD Parts with black wheel rims           
          TRAD57RL  Red/Black #25 Mark Jenkins with red wheel rims             
          TRAD57SL  Silver/Black #7 Amsoil with black wheel rims               
         The ball bearings in the Traxxas Slash VXL 2WD are rubber sealed.     
          Following are the stock numbers for the replacement bearings from    
            Traxxas and non-rubber sealed alternatives from Duratrax;          
            Qty.   Size        Location      Qty Bearing Set   Qty Bearing Set 
             4    5x11mm    Steering Blocks   2   DTXC1547      2   TRAC5116   
             4    5x11mm    R Stub Axles      2   DTXC1547      2   TRAC5116   
             4    5x11mm    Transmission      2   DTXC1547      2   TRAC5116   
             1    5x11mm    Slipper Clutch    1   DTXC1547      1   TRAC5116   
             4    5x8mm     Steering Bellcrank 2  DTXC1523      2   TRAC6728  
This is the brushless electric powered 1/10 scale 2WD Traxxas Slash VXL Truck
FEATURES: Velineon brushless power system, LiPo battery, charger, painted &
trimmed body, oil filled shocks, TQi 2.4GHz radio system, 4-ch mini RX, high-
torque steering servo, slipper clutch, planetary steel gear diff
REQUIRES: 4 AA TX batteries, track equipment


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