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TRA5608    E-Revo Truck RTR w/Castle Mamba 2.4GHz Tq1 Radio

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 This is the radio controlled, electric powered, ready to run, 1/10 scale
           Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Edition Racing Monster Truck.
       Factory installed and programmed Castle Creations Mamba Monster
                      ESC and Brushless Motor System. With TQ1 Radio
FEATURES: Chassis: Nylon composite 0.08" (2mm) thick, gray in color with
            integrated and scalable dual battery compartments accommodate sport
            packs up to 6S LiPo packs, quick release battery doors and cooling
          Drive: Four wheel shaft drive with decals and window mask
          Motor: Castle Creations 2200kV with 5mm rotor shaft, aluminum motor
            can and neodymium magnets
          Motor Mount: Heavy duty finned cast alloy
          Motor Batteries: Two Traxxas 7-cell 3000mAh NiMH Power Cell batteries
            with high-current connectors
          Radio: Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz DSS, 4-channel receiver with built-in fail
            safe, dual digital waterproof steering servos with 125 oz-in of
            torque and 0.16 sec transit time, transmitter does not have charge
          Radio Box: Sealed for running in water mud and snow
          Electronic Speed Control: Castle Creations Mamba Monster with 6S LiPo
            power capability, high-efficiency heatsink and cooling fan, 6.5mm
            diameter high current connectors
          Shocks: Oil filled with hard anodized Teflon coated bodies with TIN
            coated shafts
          Transmission: One speed, low CG, oversized steel idler gear
          Differentials: Sealed, limited slip
          Ball Bearings: Full set
          Wheels: 3.8" (97mm) wide, 5-spoke black chrome Gemini
          Tires: 3.8" (97mm) wide Talon
          Suspension: Sealed pivot ball
          Steering: Dual servo
          Body: Painted and trimmed, adjustable rear wing
          Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
            suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
          Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
            tires from vertical when when viewed from front or behind vehicle
INCLUDES: Traxxas E-Revo Racing Monster Truck with brushless motor, two 7-cell
           NiMH batteries, radio, ESC, painted body, decals
           and instruction manual
REQUIRES: Transmitter Batteries: Eight AA
          Battery Charger: For the included NiMH batteries
SPECS:      Vehicle-
          Length:      22.9" (582mm)
          Width:       16.5" (419mm)
          Height:       8.3" (210mm)
          Wheelbase:   14"   (358mm)
          Ground Clearance: 3.9" (99mm)
          Weight:       9.5lbs (4330g) without batteries
          Front Track: 16.4" (416mm)
          Rear Track:  16.5" (419mm) outer edges of wheels side to side
          Length:      19.8" (504mm)
          Width:        7.1" (181mm) at widest point
          Height:       4.8" (121mm)
COMMENTS: The E-Revo with Castle Creations Motor System is available in the
            following colors;
            Blue      TRAD03BB
            Black     TRAD03LL
            Red       TRAD03RR
            Silver    TRAD03SS
          All original bearings used in the E-Revo are rubber shielded.
          The following list includes the rubber shielded bearings and the
             non-shielded DuraTrax brand as an economical alternative.
          For Replacement Ball Bearings use:  DuraTrax         Traxxas
             Qty.   Size        Location     Qty Bearing Set   Qty Bearing Set
              2   12x18mm     Fr Hubs        1   DTXC1597       1  TRAC5120
              2    6x13mm     Fr Hubs        1   DTXC1573       1  TRAC5180
              2   12x18mm     Rear Hubs      1   DTXC1597       1  TRAC5120
              2    6x13mm     Rear Hubs      1   DTXC1573       1  TRAC5180
              2    10x15mm    Differentials  1   DTXC1595       1  TRAC5119
              2    8x16mm     Differentials  1   DTXC1585       1  TRAC5118
              4    6x12mm     Differentials  2   DTXC1569       2  TRAC5117
              4    5x11mm     Transmission   2   DTXC1547       2  TRAC5116
              2    6x12mm     Transmission   2   DTXC1569       2  TRAC5117


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